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We run a meme website here, and to run it, we need at least some guidelines. Below are links to our various important documents.
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We are currently working on a Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy. So, until we write them, please do not sue us yet. Here's a 100% good enough ToS until we write a formal one:
Don't be bad, if you're bad (to us), your memes disappear. Like, imagine thanos, but instead of people, it's your memes, and not half, all of them. Yeah, don't try!

Memerator reserves the right to delete any meme, user, rating, or any content on the website at any time for any reason and possibly without notice. All claims can be disputed manually, no laywer needed, by contacting us using the General Support button above. Memerator does not have to respond, nor do they have to take any action, but if they believe the removal was in error, the content may be restored.