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Memerator Pro Pro User

What is Memerator Pro?

Memerator pro gives you special perks, such as custom name color, markdown support on meme pages, and more! You'll also rock a special badge.

Will I be punished if I do not get Memerator Pro?

We hope not! This is soley a way to show your support to Memerator!

How much is Memerator Pro?

$5 per month.

How will I be billed?

To gain Memerator Pro months, you must buy each month. There are no subscriptions involved! You can buy as many months as you want.

What happens when I buy Pro, even though I have a subscription?

Your current Pro plan will "expire". However, the expiration date of the new "Pro" will be days you had left + 1 month. Essentially, you keep your days, and we keep our sanity!

When can I buy?

Right now!

How will payments be processed?

Through Stripe.

How can I pay?

Via Credit Card or Apple Pay.

Are there ways to get Pro for free?

Yes! We are running a special offer on our Discord server, simply join the server, and Nitro Boost the server. You will get Pro for free while you are boosting the server! More information is available on the server in #support.

What happens if I get Pro for free, but still have days?

Your purchased days will be on hold until the free Pro inevitably expires.

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