Memerator Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions people have "asked" a "lot", so you don't have to keep asking!

Meme FAQs

How do I submit a meme?

Simple! Go to Submit a Meme when signed-in and either select an image or paste a URL to submit your meme!

I found a meme that breaks the guidelines. What do I do?

Smash that report button found right on the meme page, fill out the information, and submit! We will review it in due time.

Why can't I delete memes?

As wise Mr. Hovey once said, "People shouldn't be able to delete their memes, they should have to live with their consequences." However, you can disable the meme, meaning only you will be able to view it. If you really need a meme deleted for any reason, send us a support ticket (after you verify your email) telling us which meme you want to be deleted by its meme id, why you want it deleted (unless it's obvious) and we will be happy to assist.

Can I have a custom meme id?

Custom Meme IDs are not available to be chosen at this time

User FAQs

How do I disable my account?

To disable your account, you must first verify your email address, then you can go to the danger settings and disable your account there. To re-enable your account, you must contact support.

How do I delete my account?

For information on deleting your account or other personal information, review our privacy policy.

After I verify my email, what will you do with it?

Store it securely! We will never send unsolicited emails. Every email sent by us is enabled or requested by you. If you disable everything, you'll never get an email from us!

Someone has a username I want, what do I do?

Our Name Squatting policy is the following: un-verified accounts who haven't been signed into for more than a year (for verified accounts, 5 years)'s usernames are automatically be released (using the format username_loginyear). However, if an account was created months ago and has no activity (memes, ratings, anything), is un-verified, and is taking a username you want, email support and we will review the situation. Memerator Managed Accounts accounts are never eligible for pickup and can never be owned by a user until the developers decide they don't need it anymore.

Why do I lose my verification when I change my name?

The point of verification is to show who you are. If you keep changing who you are, how are we supposed to keep up? We want to make sure you aren't impersonating someone.

General FAQs

Your site sucks. I found five undecillion bugs in 13.623 seconds (WR, PB)! Where can I report issues?

Impressive. However, if you would like to be kind and report bugs to the bug report site, we will be happy to help! If you get "An error occurred, if you are the website owner, check the logs for more information," this error gets logged to our error catcher to help us spot where the bug occurred. Still, you are free to tell us how you got there, be sure to tell us the URL of the page it occurred on to link the issues.

I love this site! How can I suggest improvements?

We love your enthusiasm! Go to our aforementioned bug report site which doubles as a feature request site. You need a GitHub account actually to do it, sorry about that! If the suggestion is already there, go to the link and react with a +1 to show your support.

Where can I issue takedown notices?

We take legal issues very seriously. Report your legal issue to our legal inquiry email and we will review it as soon as possible.

Someone keeps posting multiple inappropriate memes. Should I report every inappropriate meme?

Yes, our systems will flag something when multiple memes from 1 user are being reported multiple times.

What's a Memerator Managed Account?

Memerator managed accounts are accounts owned by Memerator and are used to indicate accounts that require specific duties an account has to fulfill (sending notifications, accessing the API, etc.) They cannot have memes and may not be followed.

Contest FAQs

What are contests?

Contests are something the Memerator team puts on every so often to get the community engaged. Prizes, requirements, and more are served on a contest-by-contest basis, so be sure to look out for them!

When do contests run?

We try to have contests often, but not too often to where they're boring! Contests are typically held every few months.

Where can I review guidelines for a contest?

Go to the contest page and click the "Guidelines" button.

Pro FAQs

What is Memerator Pro?

Memerator Pro is a way to show your support for Memerator and in return get some cool perks.

What perks do I get?

You can review major perks on the Pro page.

Should I buy Pro?

We highly encourage every user to buy Pro. This helps Memerator development, especially when costs get high.

Can I disable Pro features?

As a Pro user, you can choose not to use some features. However, you will still have a badge on your profile, and ads will never show. As a normal user, you are able to hide Custom Backgrounds in appearance settings.

How much is a Memerator Pro credit?

$3 per credit.

How will I be billed?

Each payment is one-time. We don't like managing subscriptions (you may be in the same boat as us)!

Why do I need to verify my email before I buy Pro?

This is ironically a security measure. We can link your Memerator account to your Stripe customer information in case of a refund or other payment issue.

What if I change my email?

You will not be able to dispute any claim until you reverify the previous email

What is a Pro Credit?

One Pro Credit is equal to 1 month of Memerator Pro. You can buy Credits for the price listed above. With Credits, you can redeem it for yourself or share it with another user.

What if I have a Promo Code?

Since Promo codes give a discount and are only for first-time Pro users, using a Promo code will force you to redeem it. No Credits are involved. This is to prevent abuse!

When can I buy?

Right now!

How will payments be processed?

Through Stripe.

How can I pay?

Via Credit Card or Apple/Google Pay.

What is the refund policy?

For unredeemed Pro Credits, the expiry date is one month. For self-redeemed Credits, the expiry date is one week. No refunds are allowed for redeemed gifts (i.e., a Credit not redeemed by you, the purchaser). Refunding Pro for any reason will prevent you from buying Pro for a certain amount of time to prevent future abuse; however, gifts may still be accepted.

Are there ways to get Pro for free?

Yes! We have various ways to get Pro for free. Most happen on our Discord server. You get Pro for Server Boosting the server and one credit for every 20 members you invite. You can also get Pro for helping translate Memerator.

What happens if I get Pro for free but still have days?

You will still receive your Pro Credit; you won't be able to redeem it until your Unlimited/Untimed Pro expires.

Pro Gifting FAQ

What is Pro Gifting?

When you buy a Pro Credit, you can gift it to someone! Go to your billing tab and click "Generate Link" next to any Credit you want to gift. This will generate a unique link, our gift URL link that you can share with anyone!

How do I redeem a Pro gift?

Go to the link provided. If the link is NOT "", it is NOT us. Once you're there, click "Redeem"

Can I sell a Gift Link?

NO. We do not allow re-selling of Pro. Please report any scammers to us at our support email. If you see a place to buy Pro that isn't on, it is a SCAM!

Am I allowed to giveaway a Pro Credit for free?

Absolutely! We encourage it, given that entry is free (it would be a lottery in that case, and that's your problem)

If someone gifts me a month of Pro, can I redeem it if I'm subscribed?

Yes! For every Pro Credit you redeem, your expiry date will add one month.