Memerator Updates

Always stay up to date with the Memerator updates page! Every time we make a notable set of changes, we will list them here. Enjoy!

June 12th, 2023


  • Added preliminary ToS all users must agree to.
  • Warning when attempting to change name
  • When changing your name, you are now warned that your old URL won't redirect
  • Preliminary Discord Linked Roles support


  • Some modals have turned into toasts
  • More descriptive errors when linking existing integrations


  • Name color on user search
  • Toggling Dark mode after searching not redirecting properly
  • Unfollow button showing up inconsistently

September 1st, 2020


  • API Applications! Currently just for official Memerator apps, such as the iOS app and Discord
  • Regenerate Key option for keys
  • Sign up with Integration: Currently Discord and Google
  • Secret easter egg language option
  • Button names now show on mobile navbar dropdown


  • Hovering over stars makes them green instead of changing size
  • Dark mode now renders on Login pages

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where "View Integrations" wasn't checked when editing if enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the top left meme on meme pages was always bank

August 1st, 2020


  • Dark/Light mode toggle in the navbar
  • If OS changes dark/light preference, it will update automatically
  • Can now add a note to credits
  • New key permission: View Integrations
  • Shortroutes, /m/:id -> /meme/:id and /p/:name -> /profile/:name
  • Add way to delete logs older than 1d, 7d, 30d, or all of them!
  • Added logging option for Submitting Memes.
  • Added page for the Memerator Discord bot and added a link in the navbar
  • Added toggle for Macaroni background (now off by default)
  • Change how hover to rate is handled
  • Moved Following/Follower count and Un/Follow to below name on Profiles
  • Changed meme grid layout on profiles
  • Auto-redirect /profile/:id to /profile/:username
  • Update Top Memes to match Recent Memes layout
  • Pro users don't have to complete meme submit captcha
  • Edit button on meme pages replaced with an edit icon next to caption
  • Emails are no longer censored based on length
  • Emails that don't end with a common extension are also censored
  • Changed Dark Mode css (again) from Slate to Darkly
  • Updated wording for some achievements
  • Notifications and Contests are now checked periodically, pages should load ~80ms quicker!
  • Signing in with integration is now considered a "Successful Login" and will email and log if enabled
  • Removed "Click to show more memes"
  • Removed row coloring on Billing settings page
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete keys
  • Fixed a bug where a 500 error would return if the captcha failed to complete
  • Fixed a bug where a meme with no ratings has an average of "NaN" on Meme Stats

July 3rd, 2020


  • Avatars! (from Gravatar)
  • When setting a Bio, an example will show up.
  • Fix wording on OCR page.
  • Wording on this very page!
  • Memes can no longer be submitted from a URL.
  • Some old, no longer used code.
  • Fancy graph on stats page
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix issue where "You have Pro!" indicator can show even without Pro!
  • Fix error when setting an email from an integration.
  • Fix error when going to an unknown user's follower/following page.

June 5th, 2020


  • Age Selection box on registration
  • Memes automatically get an OCR result
  • Unapproved meme area for new memes
  • All non-staff users must have their meme manually approved before it is shown to everyone
  • Navbar is better for mobile Users
  • Apple device users will see "Sign-in with Apple" on the Login page
  • Language page always shows to Translators
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix bug where 10/11 auth key settings showed as "Everything"
  • Selecting Family Friendly as an age wouldn't have it appear as selected on Appearance

May 15th, 2020


  • Implement Sign in with Apple on Integrations sign in page.
  • Integrations settings page for Apple moved next to other buttons.

May 14th, 2020

We're trying out a new changelog format. Just getting to the nitty gritty. Let us know if you like it (via memes!)


  • API Keys with specific perms
  • Meme OCR page and data
  • Meme age groups
  • User age preference
  • Meme search
  • Button to create a support ticket on /support
  • New Graph on Meme Stats page
  • Session Token resets every login
  • Upgraded Dark theme to a proper dark theme (Slate by Bootswatch)
  • Updated Gems
  • Switched to hCaptcha on the login page
  • Meme Stats now only compares your memes, not yours to everyone else's
  • /profile/me/memestats moved to /memestats
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Minecraft: Java renamed to Minecraft (as both work)
  • Updated home page nav bar
  • Reworded achievement descriptions once you collect them
  • Made a lot more profile hyperlinks lead to /profile/username
  • Changed wording, grammar, and capitalization in various places
  • Java IDs and Bedrock IDs for Minecraft are properly distinguished on integrations page
  • Java UUIDs now link to the respective NameMC page
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed dark table rendering
  • Fixed profiles with usernames ending in common file extensions unable to be accessed
  • Fixed bug where your background would still show up when signed out
  • Fixed "@" in meme captions counting as a valid mention
  • Fixed "Show more memes" not working on /profile/username pages
  • Fixed Follow button inaccurately showing for /profile/username pages
  • Fixed numerous pages not showing modals
  • Fixed modals just not showing up at all
  • Fixed name color on Following/Followers page for dark mode users
  • API Docs (Moved to
  • Username prompt on Confirm Password page

April 10th, 2020

Login with Minecraft is now available!

  1. Join our server
  2. Type /login to get a code
  3. Click the link to login!

April 2nd, 2020

LOGGING (The good kind)

  • You can OPT IN TO logging stuff like Successful/Invalid logins, etc
  • You have the CHOICE of logging IPs as well.
  • Everything is off by default and completely optional
Other Tweaks
  • A lot of pages now load a lot quicker.
  • We reworked the Nav bar. Support is over by search
  • Social dropdown has merged into the Extra dropdown. Cleaner? Perhaps
  • New Toasts since allert.js literally vanished

March 1st, 2020

Meme Changes

  • Top Memes are for month not all time anymore
  • Unrated page is now more simple. Rate memes right from there!
  • Ratings page shows 3 most recently rated memes.
  • Mention people in Meme captions (@ hi)
Design Changes
  • Navbar always stays on the top
  • Background image stays still, even when you scroll
  • Twemoji is now used everywhere instead of device default
  • New badge icon for notifications also it's on the home page too
Settings Changes
  • No more "Looks like an error occurred!" when signing out of settings
  • Pro Subscriptions now show out full Month Day, Year instead of mm/dd/yyyy
  • You can now revoke/regenerate Pro Gift links.

February 1st, 2020


  • Achievements are here!
  • Earn achievements for completing tasks
  • Collect secret achievements too?
  • How many can you get!?
  • Comment on memes is finally here!
  • Meme authors can delete any comments on their memes
  • You can delete any of your own comments
  • Notifications are configured based on new "Meme Updates" which is, you'll be notified of ratings and comments now, all bundled in a nice blanket. This can be configured in the notification settings as usual
  • Comment count shown below ratings on recent memes.
Some other things too
  • Profile perks are shown more descriptively under the user's name. This could include: Pro (now shows since when), Staff Member, service account, etc. Verified stays next to the name.
  • New Option in Danger Settings to not censor your emails in settings for the session.
  • Also, when going to Security/Danger settings, you are now prompted to re-enter your password to make sure it's really you. Make sure you have a password set!

January 6th, 2020

Updated FAQ and Pro pages.

December 25th, 2019


  • Now introducing Multiple integrations! You can now integrate as many accounts as you want.
  • Unlimited number of accounts, sign in with any one you want.
  • Note: If you unlinked something this past month, you will have to unlink it again!
  • Late present? You can now gift people Pro!
  • When you buy Pro, you will be given a credit for each month. You can choose to redeem this credit, or generate a gift link to send to a friend.
  • Codes can be found on the Billing page.
  • This now means you can buy Pro even if you have an unlimited/untimed Pro subscription! You just can't redeem it yet.
  • Click on rows to select what notifications to delete
  • Delete button to delete specific rows.
  • Now you can see how many notifications you have in the navbar.
And some obvious minor changes
  • Pro User name color now has example backgrounds to see how it looks right from the settings
  • Top 10 memers now shows top 10 memers of the day, week, and month.
  • Want a webpage to show Updates? Now you can! It's under the "Extra" tab.

December 1st, 2019


  • Introducing Memerator Contests, a way to get your meme featured!
  • Cool prizes, cool memes, cool you!
  • Next contest starts RIGHT NOW! Go submit a meme and select the "Memerator December 2019 Contest" contest!
  • Go to contest page /contest/december2019 to view submissions, rate the memes!
  • Share your memes so you can win!
  • Only original memes are allowed. These are, memes that aren't stolen from other sites! We will check to make sure every meme is unique
  • Pro Users Only
  • Set a custom background
  • Choose where you want it to show up, memes, profile, both, NEITHER?
  • Show up for you only everywhere or just when they do
  • Background color too, instead of orange!
  • You can now search users by their username! This is the first step in evolution.
  • The search is smart, have fun with it, but be gentle
  • Lost your password? You can now reset your password (Found on the login page, must have an email SET SO SET YOUR EMAIL)
  • Users who follow you have a "Follows you" under their name on their profile.
  • If not following, says "x followers you know" if x > 0
  • For our mobile app testers, badge icon updates more often, should more closely match the website
  • Updated Guidelines, we'll try to keep it more up to date.
  • Now, only images are allowed when uploading memes. This goes for the API too. This goes for you, dude who somehow managed to upload a word document.
  • Now, disabled users can't use the API, sorry guys
  • Changed top memers to sort by Meme rated
  • Updated FAQ with more/updated questions/answers!
  • Added more options when reporting a meme.
  • Sort your reports by status!
  • You dropdown shows who you're logged in as
  • Click star to rate meme on meme pages, just like recent memes!

November 4th, 2019

  • On Recent Memes, you can tap the star to rate it right there! No need to view more about the meme if you don't want to.
  • Updated Name Squatting policy, accounts with no activity after a year are released!
  • Add social links to navigation bar
  • Navbar also shows Login AND register links!
  • Dark mode names no longer appear black! They're grey now. Pro users are in colour though, buy pro pls
  • We now actually see all reports now, your memes will be handled.
  • Top 10 memers is now by meme score received, not by memes submitted!
  • Numerous pages have dropped the /profile/me/x and are just the /x, e.g. /profile/me/unrated -> /unrated. You'll be redirected automatically.
  • Fix invalid meme count being returned in the API.
  • Memes sent via the API (e.g. the app) will now show up in #meme-feed
  • Recent memes page shows your current rating below "reviewers"

September 23th, 2019

Added API Ratelimit

August 31st, 2019

Security Settings!

  • Can restrict log-in by types (Username only, email only, integration only)
  • Get emails based on successful or failed login attempts
  • Can no longer report the same meme multiple times (even if previous reports have been Resolved)
  • Mistyping a /setting/:path will attempt to redirect the user to the right page
  • Minecraft: Java integration
  • New Memes go into #meme-feed

July 19th, 2019

  • Fix some more API stuff
  • Fix some crashes
  • Implement Sign in with Google for Integrations
  • Fix a bug on Reports where there is no Assignee
  • Some minor patches to prevent rude dudes from exercising their rudeness
  • Now possible to buy up to 12 months of Memerator Pro at a time
  • Clear All button on Notifications page
  • Amount of notifications now shown on Notifications page
  • New more specific star fill count on meme information page

July 6th, 2019

  • In most cases, user returns a whole user object, instead of just username.
  • Fix rate meme, disable meme, enable meme, and reports endpoints

June 30th, 2019

  • You can now rate a meme from the API
  • Pro cancels automatically
  • New email service for sending automated emails, less sketchy. No more Russian google (however, us devs are stuck with Russia for now)
  • Click to reveal on profile/me, only 20 memes are shown by default, click to see more!
  • Meme owners can see their memes! (instead of just "Your meme is disabled, reenable it"
  • Nav bar on Meme and Settings layouts sync
  • Unrated only shows 20 memes
  • The "Send us an Email" portion has moved to Support page, and Contact Us is now simply a staff member list.
  • Non-pro users' names now aren't black in dark mode.
  • Fix disabled memes counting towards total meme count
  • Notifications can now be emailed to you :3
  • Notification settings are there, no need to opt-in
  • New Profile is shown automatically, but still in beta.
  • Color coded Billing table in Settings
  • Notification page table is formatted a bit better
  • /profile/:username works now owo
  • API now returns join date for profile calls.
  • API now returns how long you've been pro and when it will expire, if you are

April 15th, 2019

  • Dots / Underscores allowed in usernames
  • Fixed bug on reports

February 16th, 2019

Usernames have been implemented.

February 14th, 2019

  1. Meme image uploading. Make sure uploading uploads and stuff. Only images kthx
  2. Markdown captions (getmeme page only), make sure people can't do a big hack, kthx
  3. Disable memes from the edit page, it was a long time comin'

February 8th, 2019

  1. We fixed the bug that prevented you from viewing profiles when you were logged out. Blame chew for this OOPSIE.
  2. User verification is live! If you know me, you can get verified! If you're a person I met online, no verification for u!
  3. As promised, meme leaderboard is live! Go check it out, it's on the Nav.

February 6th, 2019

  1. Meme ID no longer shows on profiles. To see more info about the meme, simply click the meme image.
  2. Added responsive tables everywhere. Scrolling may be hard in some cases, sorry 3:
  3. We re-organized the Memes dropdown a bit. Meme leaderboard has been replaced with Following memes. It has not been neglected though and will be available at some point!
  4. Ratings now round to 2 decimal places

February 4th, 2019

  • Unfollowing is live! You can now unfollow people.
  • Meme reporting is live! You can now report memes ONLY IF THEY: Contain NSFW content, is not a meme (a company logo or our macaroni background), or is offensive. All reports are handled by me or other meme admins, and it is our discretion to remove any meme without warning or knowledge. If you are on the server, you can track your report.
  • Made some minor changes to the CSS.
  • Followed memes are live! You can now see memes from people you follow (a link will be in the navbar soon)
  • Fixed a bug that disabled every meme.

February 3rd, 2019

Added Recent Memes page