Memerator Discord Bot

Did you know? Memerator has a Discord bot!

Memerator Discord Bot is sponsored by SkySilk Cloud Services. See our partners page for more information.

How does it work?

In order to be able to use the bot, you'll need to link your Discord account. Then you'll be treated as your Memerator account when running commands.

Add the Bot

You can add the bot with this link. We also recommend joining our Discord server to stay up to date!


Memerator Discord bot comes with a variety of commands. Check them out below!

Note about arguments, arguments in [] are required and in () are optional. Don't put any punctuation when actually running the command.

The prefix for the bot is -. Mentioning the bot is also a valid prefix.

To view a list of commands you can also type -commands.

Command Aliases Argument(s) Description
getmeme None [meme id] Gets a meme via its ID
ratememe rate (meme id) [rating] Rate a meme. If a meme was sent via the bot, for example with -getmeme, the ID is optional. Otherwise you must use it. Rating is always required.
profile None (user mention or ID) Gets a profile or gets your profile if no arguments are specified.
randommeme rmeme None Gets a random meme.
memesearch None [search term] Searches for a specified meme.
status None None Get the Memerator service statuses.