Content Guidelines - Memerator macaroni

Memerator Guidelines


Content and memes that would generally be offensive to a younger audience. This is a meme website, not a lewd website. If you want lewds, go to iFunny.

Lewd - A lewd is a photograph of someone or something as a tease. Not a full on nude showing your private parts but teasing the receiver of the photograph. (Urban Dictionary)

Not Allowed

  • Pornographic imagery of any kind is not welcome here.
  • Anime Waifus that are lewd…. GET THEM OUT OF HERE. Save that for your weird Discord chats
  • “Photoshopped” images that contain nudity
  • Minors: Minors are friends, not lewd. Don’t post NSFW content of minors in any way, shape, or form.


Content that celebrates, educates, endorses, or promotes violence of any kind.

Not Allowed

  • Content that teaches other users how to create weapons with the intention of bringing harm to others.
  • Content that celebrates violent actions of yourself or others, i.e, NO GLORIFYING SCHOOL SHOOTERS.
  • Content that incites violence of viewers, e.g., don’t post content that ask other users to commit acts of violence.
  • Content that promotes self-harm
  • If you are actually struggling with depression and need help please contact 1-800-273-8255

Hate Speech

An attack intended to dehumanize, degrade, demean a person or a group of people.

Not Allowed

  • Hateful propaganda has no place on Memerator.
  • Attacks on a specific group of people based on their religious beliefs, race, gender/sexual identity, or other factors are not allowed.


An attack targeted towards a specific user or person.

Not Allowed

  • Memes that could belittle another user
  • Comments that could considered cyberbullying towards another user
  • Memes that could be considered a threat towards another user


  • Memes that contain dark humor as long as they don’t contain graphic images
  • Users can make jokes about public figures as long as the meme in question doesn’t violate any of our other guidelines.


Advertisements for content not already on Memerator.

Not Allowed

  • Content that advertises your own products
  • If you want to promote your product or service ask us on the contact form.
  • Content that advertises meme sharing platforms other than memerator
  • Content that advertises products or services that directly go against Memerator’s values and rules.  

Profane Language

Profane language constitutes as foul/unacceptable language. Memerator is designed to be family to teen friendly, as it is being used in schools. We don’t wanna get blocked! These are up to our discretion, but you can test this by reading the meme to your grandma. If she’s like >:(, maybe don’t post it.

Not Allowed

  • Memes/Captions/Bios/Usernames that contain swear words.


  • Censored words, perhaps replaced with a better, less profane word.